Best Hybrid Table Saws 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last updated April 7, 2020

a good hybrid table sawThere are lots of different models available which can be confusing when trying to decide on a purchase. As these are expensive, it is important for you to make the right choice. So, let’s get right into it and help you find the best hybrid table saw for your needs!

We have tested, measured and analyzed over 43 different table saws, and have chosen our 5 favorite ones below. We have also provided extensive information and tips on things you should know before the purchase. It should help you compare different models, features, and specifications. The goal with all this is to help you come to a conclusion on which saw suits you and your work best. Let’s get started with our top pick, the Grizzly G0690!

Top 5 Hybrid Table Saws of 2021

Grizzly G0690
Grizzly G0690
(Top Pick)

Check Price
530 pounds
Powermatic PM1000
Powermatic PM1000

Check Price
418 pounds
Shop Fox W1824
Shop Fox W1824
(Best for the Money)

Check Price
260 pounds
Grizzly G0715P
Grizzly G0715P

Check Price
450 pounds
Woodtek 159665
Woodtek 159665

Check Price
225 pounds

5 Best Hybrid Table Saws – Reviews

1. Grizzly G0690 – Top Pick

Grizzly G0690The Grizzly G0690 is an avatar of performance and quality. From its triple belt drive with 3 HP motor, the heavy cast iron trunnions to its massive wings and cast iron table, this saw is nothing short of a beast. The saw consists of a high-quality magnetic switch, camlock T-fence, T-slot miter gauge, heavy cast handwheels, 4-inch dust collection port, and riving knife. It is a premium standard hybrid table saw which would be the central attraction of any shop.

Grizzly G0690 is CSA certified and meets the UL 987 standards. These are two good arbiters of quality for hybrid table saws. The 10-inch left tilting hybrid table saw is easy to work with and squares up with the blade smoothly.
The camlock T-fence comes with an HDPE face, and the riving knife has a blade guard. The device has quick release feature for the riving knife, motor guard, and splitter assembly. This enhances your safety while working with the tool. The easy glide fence system can be adjusted by knurled knobs, and there are adjustable screws inside with the set screws which hold the insert of the table down. The 10 X 40 inch T-blade has an H3308 push stick making it easy to use.

The hybrid table saw is easy to install. The 3 HP saw is perfect for cutting 8/4 padauk, maple, or purple heart. If you are not planning to keep it stationary, a mobile base can help do the job to move around the machine.
As you can tell, I’m kind of in love with this machine. There are only a few downsides, with the main ones being the dust collection and the cord. The cord could simply be longer, and the dust collection could be improved.


  • Easy to set up
  • Quality assured and durable
  • CSA certified


  • Dust collection isn’t great
  • Short power cord

2. Powermatic PM1000 – The Runner-up

Powermatic PM1000The Powermatic PM1000 comes in strong in second place and is right up there with the Grizzly G0690 in our opinion. Let’s look at the good points first.

One of the best things about the Powermatic PM1000 is how well it fits into your setup, be it your home or work area, without any issues. It is well designed and compact. The saw is also known for its incredible durability and its level of accuracy which would you take your work quality to the next level.

The hybrid table saw has a 50-inch fence which provides enough space to comfortably work with. The power requirement of the PM1000 is 115V, making it one of the most power efficient saws on the market. The dust collection is maximized by the use of a collection hose which provides an unblocked path for the dust to reach the collection port. The design of the hybrid table saw puts emphasis on safety with the easy to use independent side leaves and the guard which can be assembled without the use of any tools.

However, it’s not all good. There is one problem that crops up but not all the time with this product. The blade guards’ bolts will sometimes make contact with the blade. That isn’t safe, and it isn’t good for your blade. It is rare, but it does happen. Compounding this is that Powermatic does not have a good reputation for customer service.
This is a great machine but keep those points in mind.


  • Adjustable miter gauge
  • Low power consumption
  • Maximized dust collection
  • Arbour lock feature


  • Bad customer service
  • The blade guard mounting bolts makes contact with the blades

Shop Fox W1824

3. Shop Fox W1824 – Best Hybrid Table Saw for the Money

The Shop Fox W1824 is the best if you are looking for a hybrid table saw that is worth for the money but does not compromise too much on quality. It is somewhat like the Grizzly G0715P hybrid table saw, which is not a surprise as both are made by the same company, Woodstock International. The Grizzly models are sold online, but Shop Fox are sold through its distribution outlets.

The 2 HP, 110/220V single phase motor has the maximum rip capacity of 30 inches to the right and 12 inches to the left. The blade can be tilted left at an angle of 45 degrees giving it the ability to improve the accuracy. It has an arbor size of 5/8 inches and has a speed of 3850 RPM. The feel and the operational quality of the fence are excellent as it has great accuracy and slides with ease. The lockdown feature improves safety. Overall, this isn’t a massively powerful profile, but it is very smooth and lacks vibration. For example, it passes the nickel test with ease, in that a nickel will not vibrate off it when in use.

One drawback is how long it takes to assemble. The instruction manual is ok, but it just takes a long time. A more important drawback is that the miter gauge is just not high enough quality.
If you buy this machine, factor in the cost of a new miter gauge. It will still be a fantastic value for money saw.


  • Extremely powerful
  • Sturdy construction and quality
  • Value for money
  • Runs quietly compared to other hybrid table saws
  • Consistent accuracy while cutting
  • Excellent quality fence


  • Takes time to assemble
  • Low-quality miter gauge which might need to be replaced

4. Grizzly G0715P

As mentioned, Grizzly G0715P is similar to Shop Fox W1824.Grizzly G0715P Owned by Woodstock International, G0715P has gained the reputation for being one of the best hybrid table saws for the price. G0715P boasts incredible features such as excellent accuracy, dust control quality, and again, price. This has led to the company making a name of its own in the market. With an extra effort to enhance your safety, G0715P is another great choice if you are on a budget.

With dimensions of 26 X 30 X 43 inches and weighing approximately 450 pounds, G0715P is known for its ease of transport and assembly. The 2 HP motor is powered by 110/220V, single phase. It includes a dado blade table with the regular blade. The anti-kickback pawls can be enabled or disabled by the use of the blade guard. The serpentine belt system is used to drive the blades which enhance the power of the machine at the same time as reducing the chances of slippage. The camlock fence is a patented design which is known for its accuracy, reliability, and comfort of use.

The project clipboard feature present on the side of the hybrid table saw helps you to organize your work and layout plans. This is a feature which is not available on the other Grizzly models.

There are two downsides. It does need to be oiled regularly, or it will rust. That is a 100% certainty if you do not oil it regularly. Secondly, the miter is not of great quality. This is the main reason it slipped below its stablemate above.


  • Highly accurate and incredibly powerful
  • Easy to assemble
  • Power phasing that is interchangeable
  • Blades/dados can be changes with ease


  • Needs to be oiled regularly to keep rust away
  • Low-quality miter

5. Woodtek 159665

Woodtek 159665Known for its efficiency, the Woodtek 159665 has a built-in tripod caster system. It’s available In two models (30-inch and 50-inch). The base of the cabinet has a Euro-style wrap blade. In addition, a rail mount switch is present with a paddle style off feature. It is also really easy to set up which I for one value highly. You do not have to be a professional to set up this device. It’s also a pretty sturdy machine and can stand a lot of punishment.

The selling point is ease of use, and this is reflected in its dimensions and power. It can handle anything, but it isn’t too overpowering either. The 2HP motor operates at 230V and has extensions of 27 X 44 inches. The net weight of the device is considerably lower than competitors at 225 pounds. It also offers quality dust control with a cabinet base that is fully enclosed.

This is a great saw for amateurs and professionals but especially for the intersection between the two. The only major drawback for me is that the miter gauge is cheap. Buy a new one when you grab this hybrid table saw.


  • You can change the capacity mode depending on your needs
  • Easy to set up making it accessible to both amateurs and professionals
  • Precision, smooth, and accurate cuts delivered
  • Offers great power suitable for most of the cutting projects
  • A wide range of materials can be cut using the device


  • The miter gauge is of cheap quality

Factors To Consider When Buying

The most important investment a woodcutter makes is on the purchase of a hybrid table saw. It is an expensive investment and requires you to do some research to find the hybrid table saw that best suits your needs. In this section, we hope to explain all the features and factors you should keep in mind when buying a Hybrid Table Saw.

Accurate and smooth cutting
The main objective of buying a hybrid table saw is to cut wood smooth and accurately. The blade should be good to cut through any the wood without causing any trouble. The device should allow you to make rip cuts, beveled cuts, and crosscuts with great accuracy and precision. For this, the miter gauge and the fence should be accurate. Replace miter gauges if they don’t do the job.

Horsepower plays an important part in defining the worth of a hybrid table saw. If the horsepower is lower than required, it will not be able to cut through materials you want to use for a project. On the other hand, a device with more than required horsepower can lead to instability. This leads to loss of accuracy and even accidents.

  • A 1.5 to 2 horsepower motor would draw 18 to 24 amps and operates on a standard 120V circuit. It can cut through 2 inches thick hardwood. It needs more torque if the hardwood is any thicker.
  • A 3 to 5 horsepower motor require 240V circuit. It can handle hardwoods of 3 inches of thickness or more. But with an increase in power, there is the risk of kickback.

Riving Knife
Kickback is one of the most common risks related to the hybrid table saw. A good quality riving knife can reduce the risk of kickback substantially. So make sure to buy a hybrid table saw which has this feature.

The riving knife should have the same curve as the blade of the saw. When you rotate, lower, or raise the blade, it should maintain its relative position. Having a quick release riving knife is a convenient addition. But it is not a necessary addition. Riving knife is always preferred over a splitter to protect against kickback.

Flesh Sensor
It is understood without saying that safety is the most important thing to be considered while buying any device. The same applies to a hybrid table saw. It is advised to buy a hybrid table saw which has the flesh sensor feature. Yes, it will add to the price. But it is a great feature to ensure your safety. The flesh sensor feature has the ability to stop the blade within 0.01 seconds of it coming into contact with skin. The brake action resulting from the flesh sensor leads to the blade to drop below the table level. It also shuts down the motor. Basically, you will be using a band-aid instead of going to the hospital. Get one!

Easy adjustment
There should be a feature to adjust the alignment of the blade with ease. Easily adjustable blades result in accurate and smooth cuts, improving the quality of your work. The fence position, bevel, and the height of the blade should be adjustable to be able to comfortably work with the hybrid table saw. Device parts should be easy to lubricate, and there should be no friction while adjusting the parts. A person with limited proficiency should be able to adjust the device without any trouble.

hybrid table sneakpeak

Drive Belt Design
The saw blade and the motor of a hybrid table saw are connected by a drive belt. The drive belt is the main cause for the vibration while operating a hybrid table saw. This makes it an important requirement to have good quality drive belt to make the device stable. Poly-V belts should be preferred over regular V-belts and wedge belts as it produces less vibration. Hybrid table saw designed for Poly-V belts are perfect for the smooth operation of the saw. A serpentine drive belt would be ideal as it is the best quality drive belt. It also delivers higher power output compared to the rest.

Left Blade Tilt
A left blade tilt is found to produce less kick back in comparison with right blade tilt. For the majority of cuts, the blade is set up at 90 degrees from the table. But angle and bevel cuts need the blade to be tilted at different angles. If you are someone who prefers blade tilt to cut the wood on angles, it is better to go with left blade tilt as it is safer than right blade tilt. It really depends on your personal preference, however.

Dust control
Having a clean workplace is a requisite for a chaos-free work environment. Using a hybrid table saw results in a ton of sawdust. The two ways to cope with this situation is to have a shroud over the blade to redirect the dust that is released or to have a vacuum hooked up to the back. Also, do not forget to empty the collection bag on a regular basis.

Sturdy construction
Durability and sturdy construction are the most important qualities any product should possess. The same applies to hybrid table saws. Metal parts are better than plastic parts to enhance the life of the machine. Cast iron is the ideal material, however. But it is heavier in comparison to aluminum or steel. It should have sturdy legs and a flat and smooth surface to work properly and withstand any conditions.


Our reviews of the Hybrid Table Saws have been influenced by the factors mentioned above. We are looking for a hybrid table saw which possess great power, excellent safety and additional features, reasonable power consumption, and that is affordable. The ideal hybrid table saw would be a good if not perfect combination of these factors.
When these factors are weighed, Grizzly G0690 comes first with Powermatic PM1000 right behind in the reviews of hybrid table saws. But if you are looking for a hybrid table saw on a budget, Shop Fox W1824 or Grizzly G0715P would be the right choice.

With advancements in technology, tools are becoming powerful without compromising on the accuracy and precision. Better features are implemented to enhance safety and productivity. And with an increase in choices, the whole process can become confusing. We hope this guide has provided you with all the information you need to make a great buying decision.

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